Norfolk Island Weather

Norfolk Island Weather

Norfolk Island boasts a mild and pleasant subtropical climate, with little differentiation between the seasons.  Summer days range from 24-28°C and 19-21°C degrees at nightfall.  Mid-winter offers comfortable weather, with temperatures averaging 19-21°C degrees during the day and about 12°C at night.  The average rainfall at this magnificent travel destination is approximately 1,328mm annually.

There’s plenty to do on Norfolk Island! Boasting an extensive array of sporting activities, interactive tours, culture, beaches, dining and more, your Norfolk Island holiday will keep you busy for as long as you’d like to stay.  From trekking through the rainforest to discovering endangered species unique to the island to romantic dining at a 5-star restaurant, a whole host of unique island experiences await you on your Norfolk Island holiday.





Norfolk Island unique facts:
  1. Still only one street Light
  2. One Roundabout
  3. Cows & horses & birds have right of way
  4. Driveways have a cattle grid to pass over.
  5. Locals wave to each passing car and Tourists catch on quickly (when was the last time you waved to the police and they waved at you?)
  6. The death sentence is still valid on Norfolk Island
  7. Safest place to leave car keys are in the car
  8. Most houses are not locked up when people go out
  9. Locals don't seem to mind when a tourist picks fruit from a garden.

Map of Norfolk Island

Free on Norfolk Island:
  • Play mini-golf any afternoon.
  • Walk in the Wild (register at the Toy Store)
  • State funerals (for residents of Norfolk Island)


Subtropical. Average rainfall 1328mm per year. Lovely summer days from 24 degrees but not exceeding 28.4 degrees, nights 19-21 degrees. Idylic days mid-winter, with temperatures ranging from 12 at night to 19-21 degrees during the day.

Departure Fee

All departing travellers must pay a $30 Departure Fee, payable at the airport on day of departure or at the Visitor Information Centre prior. Exemptions apply to those under 16 years. To pay your departure fee you need to present your airline ticket or boarding pass and a completed departure card.

Entry / Passport Requirements

Entry/Passport requirements: ALL visitors travelling to Norfolk Island must have a valid passport, return airline ticket and confirmed accommodation. A Certificate of Identity is also accepted.

Geographical Location

Norfolk Island is 1610kms ENE of Sydney, 1456kms ESE of Brisbane, 1063kms NNW of Auckland and 772kms SE of Noumea. Norfolk Island is a volcanic outcrop 8km long and 5km wide. Two smaller uninhabited islands, Nepean and Phillip, lie to the south at a distance of 1km and 6km respectively. Norfolk Island is 3855ha.


Norfolk has approximately 2,000 citizens with roughly equal numbers of Pitcairn descendants, Australians and New Zealanders.

Time Difference

One and a half hours ahead of Australian Eastern Standard Time, in summertime half an hour ahead of Sydney and one and a half hours behind New Zealand. Norfolk Island does not have daylight saving.


International Direct Dialing telephones, and facsimile services are available. Public IDD coin operated booths open 24 hours. Local calls free. Only Norfolk Island phone cards are accepted. Mobile phone service is available on Norfolk Island by purchasing a local sim card (this will not work if your mobile phone is 'locked' into a plan)Global roaming is due at the end of 2008. There are 2 internet cafes in Taylors Road. Radio Norfolk broadcasts daily FM89.9 and AM1566. There are 2 weekly local newspapers.\

Emergency Numbers:
Ambulance 911
Fire Service (Emergencies) 955
Fire Service (Office hours) 22049
POLICE (Emergencies) 977
POLICE (All Hours) 22222
Emergency Co-Ordination Centre 999
Hospital 22091
Crime Stoppers Hotline 13999
Emergency Callers from Overseas 24222
Volunteer Rescue Squad 977


The general speed limit is 50km/hour, reduced to 40km/hour in the shopping centre. All livestock roaming the roads have the right of way. Driving is on the left hand side of the road and locals wave to all passing vehicles. This is called the "Norfolk wave" Visitors are encouraged to do the same.

Public Transport

There is no public transport on Norfolk, although private taxi services are available (phone 80371). Tour companies provide transfers from the airport to accommodation houses, and hire cars are amongst the least expensive of any Pacific country.

Street Lights

They are almost non-existent, so bring a torch if you intend to walk at night.


Currency is Australian legal tender. Nearly all major credit cards are supported, as is Eftpos at most places. The Commonwealth Bank has an ATM.


Norfolk has its own stamps and post office.


English is the most common language. The Norfolk language, one of the world's rarest, is also spoken especially amongst those of Pitcairn descent.

Here's a taste of the local language:

Norfolk English
Watawieh Yorlye? How are you?
Si Yorlye Morla See you tomorrow
Kushu Good
Hii Lazy
Why not? Fut nort?
Daaset That's it
We baut yu gwen? Where are you going?



Is standard 3 pin plug, 240 volts, AC 50cycles.


There is a 9% GST on products imported to Norfolk Island for resale. Accommodation properties include Norfolk Island GST in their prices. Many retail goods are great value compared to most other places.

Shopping Hours

Norfolk Island shops are open each weekday (excluding public holidays) except on Wednesday afternoons when they close from 12:30pm. Shops open on Saturday mornings until 12:30pm and are then closed for the rest of the weekend.


Passports are required to gain entry, and for re-entry into your home country. Personal affects are duty free, but fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants or seeds are prohibited, as is pork and some poultry products. You will need to complete quarantine and immigration forms on the aircraft prior to your arrival.

Travel Insurance

Australian Medicare does not extend to Norfolk Island. It is therefore highly recommended that ALL passengers travelling to Norfolk Island from both Australia and New Zealand obtain adequate travel insurance. Refer to the Australian government website as to why ALL Australians should take out travel insurance before going "overseas".
Norfolk Gateway Tours can assist you with the purchase of your travel insurance. Please contact us to arrange this or alternatively check it out online here.

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