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Come experience the wonder and magic of a Norfolk Island holiday! Located in the heart of the South Pacific between Australia and New Zealand and spanning just 34 sq km (13 square miles), this diminutive Island jewel will immerse you in an adventure filled with living history, vibrant culture and spectacular scenic beauty.

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Norfolk Island Weather

Norfolk Island Weather

Norfolk Island boasts a mild and pleasant subtropical climate, with little differentiation between the seasons.  Summer days range from 24-28°C and 19-21°C degrees at nightfall.  Mid-winter offers comfortable weather, with temperatures averaging 19-21°C degrees during the day and about 12°C at night.  The average rainfall at this magnificent travel destination is approximately 1,328mm annually.

There’s plenty to do on Norfolk Island! Boasting an extensive array of sporting activities, interactive tours, culture, beaches, dining and more, your Norfolk Island holiday will keep you busy for as long as you’d like to stay.  From trekking through the rainforest to discovering endangered species unique to the island to romantic dining at a 5-star restaurant, a whole host of unique island experiences await you on your Norfolk Island holiday.

Enjoy an Active Norfolk Island Holiday

From snorkeling and deep sea diving to museums and historic villages, Norfolk Island is a choice destination for the active traveler. There’s an abundance of things to do and sights to see, including:

  • Golf.  Golfing doesn’t get more picturesque than the sweeping fairways, jade-colored greens and heritage Georgian clubhouse of Norfolk Island’s breathtaking Kingston course. Duration: 9 holes (18 tees).
  • Lawn Bowls.  This historical and centrally located sporting venue offers a friendly atmosphere for all visitors whether you’re a social or competitive bowler.
  • Water Activities.  The waters surrounding Norfolk Island are a fisherman’s fantasy!  Fishing charters and boat cruises are available to visitors as well as instructed scuba diving opportunities.  Families can enjoy safe snorkeling and swimming on the beaches of Emily Bay and Slaughter Bay.  And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not try your hand at surfing or sea kayaking during your Norfolk Island holiday?
  • Norfolk Island Tours.  Enjoy a fascinating Convict Settlement Tour, an invigorating Breakfast Bushwalking Tour, and even a Farm & Industry Tour which gives you a glimpse of the local Norfolk Island industries.  Island tours range from marveling at the natural beauty of Norfolk and learning about our mutinous history… to delicious dining and progressive dinners showcasing the Islanders’ contemporary life.
  • Norfolk Island Museum.  Take a journey back through time when you visit the Museum, from an astounding collection of archaeological artifacts to a dramatic performance of "The Trial of the Fifteen," in which colorful characters bring history to life.
  • Norfolk Island National Park.  Here you'll discover some of the world's most spectacular rainforests, which can be explored on foot or via bicycle.  The National Park also offers a dazzling array of Norfolk Island plant species, 40 of which are native to the Island.
  • Old Kingston Town.  Relive the Island's turbulent past in a historic village settling that remains true to its 19th-century origins.  Explore the infamous pentagonal prison and view the commemorative plaque at Slaughter Bay, which honors the tragic end of the flagship of the First Fleet.  Venture out to the tip of Point Hunter to get a breathtaking view of gorgeous Emily Bay.




Norfolk Island Specialists: Your Guide for an Unforgettable Holiday

September 23, 2008:
With more than 30 years of experience in planning Norfolk Island holidays, Norfolk Island Specialists—a division of Norfolk Gateway Tours—offers Norfolk Island accommodation for every taste and budget.  Our exclusive online booking services include:

  • The very best Norfolk Island accommodation selection available online.
  • Norfolk Island accommodation packages and specials for couples, families, groups, corporate business and single travelers.
  • Free Norfolk Island holiday quotes.
  • A comprehensive directory of exciting Norfolk Island travel tours.
  • A wealth of information on Island history, customs, recreational activities, and events.

Norfolk Island Specialists’ close collaboration with key industry partners means that you have a diversity of pleasing Norfolk Island accommodation—right at your fingertips.  Options range from luxurious sleep-ins with late breakfasts and lingering lunches to self-catering apartments for the entire family.  A reputable travel agency since 1972, Norfolk Island Specialists offers you the most comprehensive travel packages at the most competitive rates in the industry. Let us help you create the holiday of a lifetime!  

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“If anyone should know the ins and outs and secrets of this beautiful island, it is Antonina and her staff at Norfolk Gateway Tours in Sydney.  If you book your holiday through them, they will open the gateway to what I know will be a holiday of a lifetime on Norfolk Island.”

 - Thomas Lloyd, Recent Editor of “The Norfolk Islander”


Why Are We the Best Online Resource for Planning Your Norfolk Island Holiday?

Norfolk Island Specialists has over three decades of experience planning Norfolk Island holidays. That means we’re in tune with the island, the people and the culture of this beautiful travel destination.  From fabulous annual festivals and thriving garden tours… to affordable wedding packages and world-renowned dive locations,  the combination of our unsurpassed travel expertise and intimate understanding of the island allows Norfolk Island Specialists to craft spectacular holidays for our clients.

Packages, Specials and Other Services

After considering your preferences, a Norfolk Island Specialists travel consultant will advise you on the places you’ll enjoy most, where you should stay, activities to take on, and how you should get around during your time on the Island.  We may, for example, encourage you to:

  • Participate in a range of Norfolk Island tours which introduce you to the many splendors of this travel paradise.  Touring on Norfolk Island holidays is both inexpensive and exciting!
  • Indulge your romantic side and celebrate your union with a magical Norfolk Island wedding and honeymoon accommodation.
  • Fulfill your lifelong desire to vacation solo! Although solo vacationers are frequently overlooked by travel agencies, Norfolk Island Specialists offers wonderful Norfolk Island accommodation packages designed with the single traveler in mind.
  • Enjoy stress-free Norfolk Island holidays with our affordable and convenient car hire service.  While many locations are central to town, others are tucked away along the Island’s country lane or perched along the edge of the island’s spectacular coastline, making Norfolk Island car hire an essential part of your overall travel experience.
  • Explore all of our Norfolk Island accommodation package deals, whether you’re traveling as part of a group or a smaller crew.

Ultimately, Norfolk Island is a thrilling, yet safe destination suitable for singles, couples, romantics, families and groups.  At five-by-eight-kilometers, everything is close by, and you can easily drive around to explore the scenic beauty or visit the town for great shopping deals.  With its colonial history, timeless charm, natural beauty and temperate climate, Norfolk Island offers the perfect escape at any time of year.  Contact Norfolk Island Specialists today to learn more about how we can assist you in planning the ultimate Norfolk Island holiday.

Norfolk Island Holidays: Learn the Story of an Island and Its People

The moment you spot Norfolk Island’s rugged coastline fringed by the azure sea, you’ll understand the seductive lure for its first inhabitants centuries ago.  And once you experience its engaging traditions and welcoming locals—many of them direct descendents of the legendary Bounty mutineers—you’ll gain even further insight into this destination’s timeless appeal.

From its history as Australia’s most infamous penal colony to its modern abundance of land and seafaring activities, Norfolk Island is a catalyst for big adventure.  Snorkel along resplendent corridors of coral reefs filled with kaleidoscopic sea life or, for more grounded travel adventures, bushwalk among the planet's tallest tree ferns.  

Whether you seek an active voyage or a tranquil escape, Norfolk Island holidays offer duty-free shopping, sumptuous island dining, local wines and liqueurs, tranquil beaches, intriguing history, exciting festivals and pleasing accommodation to fulfill your every whim.   Along the way, you’ll learn the fascinating story of the island and its people.

Considering a Norfolk Island holiday? View a video of Island travel highlights here.

Norfolk Island At-A-Glance

Whether your Norfolk Island holiday finds you fishing atop a sea kayak in sparkling waters or leisurely sipping a tropical drink on a sun-drenched veranda, it’s easy to settle into the region’s laid-back lifestyle.  Plus, with a calendar full of annual events and festivals, there are endless opportunities to interact with Norfolk Island’s local people, places and traditions.  Needless to say, it doesn’t take long for our visitors to begin considering Norfolk Island their “home away from home.”

Here are some fascinating facts and unusual local customs that make Norfolk Island one of the most captivating travel destinations on the planet.  You’re sure to experience many of them on your Norfolk Island holiday!

  • Captain James Cook discovered Norfolk Island in 1774.
  • The Island was a British penal colony from 1788 to 1855. In 1856, the prisoners were removed.
  • In 1856, Norfolk Island was resettled by Pitcairn Islanders, descendants of the HMS Bounty mutineers—and their Tahitian companions.
  • More than 1/3 of the island is subtropical rainforest preserved within National Parks and reserves.
  • With cows, horses and birds respectfully given the right-of-way, it’s easy to imagine how Norfolk Island still has only one street light.
  • The Norfolk Island pine, pictured on the island’s flag, is an evergreen tree native to the island.
  • Norfolk Island is home to the earth’s largest tree ferns.
  • June 8, Bounty Day commemorates the most infamous naval mutiny in modern history – the HMS Bounty – and the arrival of the Pitcairn Islanders in 1856.
  • 35% of the Island’s current inhabitants are direct descendents from the Bounty mutineers.
  • English is the primary language spoken on Norfolk Island, but locals still speak Norfolk – a delightful mix of 18th Century English and Polynesian.
  • Although farming and fishing are important mainstays to Island economics, tourism remain Norfolk Island’s main industry.
  • There is one Roundabout on Norfolk Island.
  • Driveways on Norfolk Island have a cattle grid to pass over.
  • Islanders and tourists alike practice the ‘Norfolk Wave’—a gentle raising of the finger or hand to signal passersby.
  • The death sentence is still valid on Norfolk Island.
  • The safest place to leave car keys is in the car parked on the street.
  • Most houses are not locked up when people go out.
  • Nobody seems to mind when a tourist enjoys fruit picked from a local garden.
  • Streetlights on Norfolk Island are virtually non-existent, so bring a torch if you intend to walk at night.
  • The current permanent population of Norfolk Island is about 2,000, comprised of fairly equal numbers of Pitcairn descendants, Australians and New Zealanders.
  • The official capital of the Island is Kingston.
  • Currency on Norfolk Island is Australian legal tender. Nearly all major credit cards are supported, as is Eftpos at most places.
  • There is no public transport on Norfolk Island.  Private taxi services are readily available, and tour companies provide transfers from the airport to accommodation properties.

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Bookings can now be made online via Paypal. Please note: a surcharge of 3% applies to all payments made through Paypal.

 Get a Taste of Island Dining

Dining on Norfolk Island can range anywhere from traditional to distinctly “Islander.” Boasting more than 35 restaurants and cafes with flavors from all over the world, the Island features an array of exceptional restaurants traversing its length.  Sample local dishes like Pilihai, (baked ripe banana),Mudda (boiled green banana), Tahitian fish (marinated local fish) or sweet dessert pies.

For a truly distinctive Norfolk dining experience, pre-book one our Progressive dinners hosted at an Island home and immerse yourself in the hospitality and culture of the local people.  Local flavor abounds at annual events like the cliff-top BBQ and Island Fish Fry.  From luxury dine-in to grab-and-go take away menus, there’s a taste for every palette and budget on Norfolk Island.

Shop ‘Til You Drop at Over 70 Low-Tax Stores!

Boasting more than 70 low-tax and duty-free boutiques with imports from all over the world, it’s no wonder that people come Norfolk just to shop.  Many stores here specialize in quality merchandise not readily available anywhere else, featuring items that range from local arts, crafts and giftware to Lego, liquor and clothing. There’s even a lovely local market for you to explore on Saturdays during your Norfolk Island holiday.  

Ready to begin your holiday adventure? Search for Norfolk Island accommodation online.

Delight Your Senses with Local Treasures 

Indulge all of your senses when you discover the following treasures that offer something truly distinctive to the Island:

  • Gateway Travel Coffee, which is locally brewed on the island.
  • Boutique-style wines and wine-tasting tours.
  • Locally blended liqueurs at Norfolk Island Liqueurs, which offers free sampling of exotic tropical delights that can only be found on the Island.

 Norfolk Island Travel - A Great Destination for Families!

Family-Friendly Norfolk Island Accommodation

Norfolk Island offers an exciting, relaxing and safe environment for vacationing families.  With more than 60 Norfolk Island accommodation properties available, Norfolk Island Specialists are uniquely suited to help you plan a memorable, family-oriented Norfolk Island holiday.  We offer a number of family-style Norfolk Island accommodation options with large 2 - 4 bedroom self-catering cottages, units or houses, many featuring children's play areas and playgrounds.  At the majority of properties, children under 2 years of age stay free.

Fun Activities for Kids of All Ages

With tours and activities that vary in distance, degree of difficulty, and scenic splendor, there’s truly something for everyone at this lovely family-friendly destination.  Families can enjoy nature, ride bicycles, participate in a range of exciting tours—or simply spend the day swimming and playing on one of Norfolk’s pristine beaches.

And if you’re looking for a bit of quiet time on your Norfolk Island Holiday, there’s the Norf’k Kids Club sponsored by Baunti Escapes, which provides children aged 5 to 12 years with engaging indoor and outdoor activities during school holidays.  Norf’k Kids Club is run by a group of friendly, energetic and skilled supervisors.

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“What we like about Norfolk Gateway Tours are the people who work there. It’s clear to see that they absolutely do love Norfolk Island and are in tune with its people.  In selling holidays at Norfolk Island, they are truly helping us and helping our tourism grow, ensuring at the same time that holiday makers have the best time ever on our beautiful island.”
 Wally and Nicola Beadman
, Owners, Fashions at Beadsley, Norfolk Island